The basic points of electromagnetic flow meter selection

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  1. The choice of caliber:(mainly determined according to the user's process pipeline, and the measurement is considered in special circumstancesquantity medium composition and measurement accuracy factor)

①The diameter is the same as the diameter of the connecting process pipeline

②The diameter is not the same as the diameter of the connecting process pipeline

2.Selection of lining material:(mainly considering the corrosiveness, wearability, wear and tear of the measured mediumfactors such as temperature, pressure, etc.)

①Common lining

②Special lining

3.Selection of electrode materials:

(mainly considering the corrosiveness, wearability, temperature, pressure, and other factors of the measured medium)

①Commonly used electrodes

②Special electrode

③ The structure of the electrode, built-in type, external-mounted type, scraper type, detachable type, a capacitive type, etc.

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4.Selection of nominal pressure level and sensor flange:

(mainly considering the nominal pressure of the user's process pipeline, the user's flange form and factors such as the standards implemented by the flange)

①Commonly used flange

②Special flange

③Flange connection form: threaded connection, clamping connection, quick connector connection, etc.

5.Choice of protection level:

Generally, two kinds of IP65 and IP68 are implemented.

(mainly considering the installation site environmental factors and user requirements)

6.Choice of structure form:

Electromagnetic flowmeters have two basic structural forms: integrated type and split type.

(mainly considering protection performance requirements, explosion-proof requirements, medium temperature, process requirements, users requirements, etc.)

7.Selection of instrument function requirements:

(mainly consider the signal output interface, control output interface, data communication interface,

factors such as communication protocol and display parameters of the instrument)

8.Selection of working power supply:

The working power of the electromagnetic flowmeter mainly includes 220V/AC, 24V/DC, and 3.6V/DC.(mainly considering the user's on-site environmental status, explosion-proof requirements, process requirements, and other factors)