Product features of battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter

Time:2021-11-12 15:04:48  PV:283

1. Optional power supply: external power supply and battery power supply. In the case of battery-powered repair, the installation is convenient, and the requirements for installation conditions are low and high adaptability;

2. Ultra-low power consumption, standard battery pack, can work continuously for 3 to 6 years;

3. With GPRS and CDMA wireless data transmission function (optional);

4. With RS485MODBUS protocol (external power supply and battery power supply) communication function (optional);

5. The converter shell is operated by a stainless steel case and an infrared remote control, which can be designed with 68 sealed protection, which is suitable for underground wet conditions;

6. With prototype lining and arc surface electrode, it has good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, and has stronger adaptability to mixed media;

7. The meter head can be rotated 360°, which makes the display more convenient for occasions with small installation space;

8. The measurement is not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity;

9. Using SMDS parts and surface mount (SMT) technology, the circuit has high reliability;

10. On-site, the range can be modified online according to the actual needs of the user to better match the collection terminal;

11. With self-inspection and self-diagnosis, self-diagnosis and alarm functions.