Precautions for the use of water meters

Time:2021-11-08 10:27:13  PV:458

1. When installing a water meter, you should consider the diameter of your home's water pipe and the water flow in your home, and choose a water meter with an appropriate range for installation. It should not be too big or too small. If the reading is too large, the reading will not be so accurate. If it is too small, it will exceed the range, bring pressure to the water meter, and the value will not be accurate.

2. The water meter should be installed as far as possible where the water valve enters the house, so that it can be used to more accurately measure the water consumption at home.

3. The water meter should be installed in a location that is easier to view, but it should also be careful not to place it in a location that is easily contaminated or exposed to the sun.

4. The scale of the dial of the water meter should be upwards, so that it is easier to read the value on the water meter. The direction of its water flow should be consistent with the direction of the arrow on the water meter.