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Time:2022-03-14 14:43:17  PV:343

The installation of ultrasonic water meters requires attention to:

1. Before installation, the system pipeline should be thoroughly cleaned and the hemp, sand and other debris in the branch pipe should be removed to avoid flow meter failure;

2. The meter body is installed horizontally or vertically;

3. The direction of water flow should be consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the meter body;

4. The diameter of the front and rear pipes should be consistent with the diameter of the meter body;

5. 10 times DN should be left in front of the meter body, and 8 times DN of straight pipe should be left behind the meter (DN is the nominal diameter of the flow meter).

6. It is recommended to install a filter in front of the meter to filter most of the impurities in the water, and install a check valve behind the meter to prevent backflow and cause inconsistency in metering.


In addition, when installing the ultrasonic water meter, you need to pay attention to:

1. The water meter should be installed at the position below the water outlet as far as possible, otherwise it is easy to cause the non-full pipe or the generation of air bubbles, which will affect the measurement accuracy;

2. Try to keep the water pressure in the pipeline in a stable state, so that the measurement accuracy will be more accurate