Introduction of Threaded Ultrasonic Water Meter

Time:2022-05-12 17:51:06  PV:530

It is a metering instrument to continuously measure, record and display volume of water flowing through sensor by use of ultrasonic time difference method. Please read this manual carefully before use, so as to use it to best advantage and avoid unnecessary loss.


1.Not affected by impurity, chemicals and magnetic materials in medium;

2.No moving parts in measuring mechanism, free of wear and tear, and accuracy does not degrade over the life of the meter;

3.Horizontally or vertically mounted;  

4.Low pressure drop;

5.IP68 protection level, can adapt to various harsh installation environments;

6.Support RS485 communication, LoRa wireless collection.


It is composed of flow sensor, calculator, pipe fittings, etc., detailed as follows. ²

DN15-40 Ultrasonic Water Meter