How to read the water meter reading?

Time:2021-11-01 13:09:23  PV:409

1. Different types of water meters have different ways of looking at water meters. If it is a relatively old-fashioned water meter, it has a circle with 8 numbers on it. These 8 number circles represent the position of the number, such as the ones place, tens place, hundreds place, and so on. Just read the numbers on these circles separately and combine them to form the total water consumption, and then subtract the numbers read before to get the water consumption for this period of time

2. Now basically all water meters that display numbers are used, and digital water meters are also different. One is that there are 5 numbers on them, and these 5 numbers are all black, so if this is a number, it means that it is an integer. , Which indicates how many tons of water was used this month. If you want to be accurate to the decimal point, you need to read the numbers in the following circles, moving one digit backward from top to bottom.

3. There is also a water meter that displays numbers, which is also 5 digits, but its first 4 digits are black digits, and the next digit is red digits, which is different from the previous meter. The red number means that there is a decimal point in front, which means a few tenths of a ton, and the black number in front is an integer, which means the tonnage of water used. If you want a more precise value, you can also continue to look down a few numbers in the circle, read the number in the circle, also read from top to bottom, each adding one digit to the decimal point. The figures of these water meters all represent the total water consumption. To get the water consumption for a period of time, you still have to subtract the previous reading from the current reading to get the water consumption during this period of time.