Difference between ultrasonic water meter and mechanical water meter

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Difference between ultrasonic water meter and mechanical water meter

一. Principle

1. Ultrasonic water meter adopts the pure electronic ultrasonic measurement principle, and adopts the time difference method to measure the flow rate, that is, an ultrasonic transducer is installed in the upstream and downstream of the measurement channel (pipe section) for mutual transmission and reception of ultrasonic signals.

Since the ultrasonic signal and the water flow signal are superimposed, the propagation speed of the sound wave is different in the forward flow and the reverse flow, so the operation time of the ultrasonic signal emitted by different transducers in the water is different. By measuring the time difference, the fluid can be calculated. The flow rate, and then converted into flow, can achieve flow measurement.

Ultrasonic water meter has high measurement accuracy and wide range ratio. The actual water consumption can also be accurately measured in the case of low flow rate of the pipe network. R250, R400

2. The mechanical water meter have speed type and volume type

二. Structure

1. No mechanical movable parts, such as impellers in the pipe section of the ultrasonic water meter, so no pressure loss and no wear.

2. Mechanical water meter has components, such as impeller and counter, which will cause certain pressure loss and wear, which will affect the measurement accuracy.

三. Lifespan

1. Ultrasonic water meter is powered by lithium battery, life more than 10 years, which effectively guarantees the service life of the product.

Mechanical water meter does not need an external power source, but because the water flow wears the impeller, the lifespan is generally 5-6 years.