Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter

Features and Advantages:

Accurate Measurement, Cost-effective and Minimal Maintenance Required; Excellent Repeatability 0.05%~0.2%;The repeatability of the meters ensures quality measurement over a wide range of flow rates, temperatures and compositions;

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WESDOM Liquid Turbine Flow Meter is internally developed and perfected by WESDOM Instrument. Over the years, WESDOM Liquid Turbine Flow Meter has been commissioned in many parts of the world, received praise from end-users and industrial leaders. 

WESDOM Instrument Turbine Flow Meter offers two accuracy classes, 0.5%R and 0.2%R. Its simple structure allows a small pressure loss and virtually no maintenance requirements.  
The Tri-Clamp Turbine Flow Meter offers two types of converter options, Compact Type (Direct Mount) and Remote Type.  Our users can select the preferred converter type depending on the commissioning environment. WESDOM Tri-Clamp Turbine flow meter is the most popular turbine product used to measure clean oil and water. Thus it is often referred to as a Sanitary type Turbine meter. 


--Accurate Measurement, Cost-effective and Minimal Maintenance Required;

--Excellent Repeatability 0.05%~0.2%;The repeatability of the meters ensures quality measurement over a wide range of flow rates, -temperatures and compositions;

--Good to use for application of blending/batching as well as storage and off-loading etc;

--Excellent forging process; 

--Wear resistance; 

--Durable SS304 body (Optional SS316);

--Perform Outstandingly In High Pressure Applications;

--Three Line HD LCD Display;

--Temperature and pressure display also available;

--Intelligent Transmitter;


--Flow measurement of tap water, demineralised water and chemicals.

--Fuels, marine engine fuel monitoring, vegetable oil, thermal oil and solvents.

--Special models for refrigerants, pharmaceutical fluids, cryogenic fluids, liquefied gases and high-pressure applications.

Water TreatmentChemical MonitoringPetrochemicalUpstream Oil Transportation

 Working Principle 

1. A turbine flow meter is used for volumetric total flow and/or flow rate measurement and has a relatively simple working principle.


2. As fluid flows through the turbine meter, it impinges upon turbine blades that are free to rotate about an axis along the center line of the turbine housing.


3. The angular (rotational) velocity of the turbine rotor is directly proportional to the fluid velocity flowing through the turbine.


4. The resulting output is taken by an electrical pickoff(s) mounted on the flow meter body.

flow meter work.jpg

 Technical Parameters  




±0.5%, ±0.2% Optional

Sensor Material

SS304, SS316L Optional

Ambient Conditions

Medium temperature:-20℃~+150℃
Atmospheric pressure:86Kpa~106Kpa
Ambient temperature:-20℃~+60℃
Relative humidity:5%~90%

Signal Output

Pulse, 4-20mA, Alarm(optional)

Digital Communication


Power Supply

24V DC/3.6V Lithium Battery

Cable Entry

M20*1.5; 1/2"NPT

Explosion-proof class

Ex d IIC T6 Gb

Protection class



The user needs to keep in mind these three factors while carrying out the installation.

1. There should be at least ten pipe diameter lengths of straight pipe upstream of the Turbine Meter and five pipe diameter length of straight pipe length downstream of the Turbine Meter, with the same nominal diameter size.
2. Valves and Throttling devices needed to install downstream of the flow meter.
3. The arrow indicated on the meter body is the same as the actual flow.
If there are specific questions regarding the installation of the WESDOM Instrument Turbine Meter, kindly contact our sales engineers for assistance.

One 90° elbow

Two 90° elbows for two planes

Concentric expander

Control valve half-open

Concentric shrinkage wide open valve

Two 90° elbows for one plane