Flange End Woltman type Electronic Water Meter

Features and Advantages:

The main features are large circulation capacity and small pressure loss, which is especially suitable for water metering of main water supply pipelines and large factories and mines. At the same time, according to the characteristics of various industries, it can also be used as the measurement of total water consumption in industrial products and technological processes.

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--Whole water meter has only one movable part of impeller, it greatly reduces mechanical wear and prolongs the working life.

--lncrease much of the sensitivity of measurement, solve the problem of small flow measurement of mechanical water meter, range ratio reaches R200, range ratio of some diameters can be made larger.

--Optimized error curve of water meter by piecewise linear, measurement accuracy is higher.

--Reading displays of digital LCD, indicate accurate information correctly.

--No magnetic design of whole water meter, avoid magnetic-field interference.

--Prompt and accurate measurement of the reverse water flow.

--Display function of instantaneous flow, may be calibrated on-site.

--Modular design, easy to install and maintain.

--Automatic processing different prices of using water.

--Combine with valve, realize the function of prepaid and remote control.

--Automatic storage of historical data of using water.

--Output Model: M-BUS\MOD-MUS\RS485.

--Remote diagnosis running status.

--Automatically upload data on specified date.

--Protection grade: IP68.


 Technical Parameters 

--Quiescent current: 6uA

--Dynamic working current: 9uA

--Communication working current: 500uA

--Continuous working time: 6 years, 70% of remaining power

--Power supply: 3.6V

--Working temperature:-10~50℃

--Storage temperature:-10~60℃


All meters will be guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the date of acceptance.

Defective meters or parts discovered within this period shall be replaced without charge upon returnto the WESDOM Meters.